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Ryan Osborn was born in Peoria, Illinois. He is an avid player of tabletop role-playing games and backgammon. Ryan enjoyed storytelling in any form or genre, especially gay romantic suspense thrillers, comedies, and daytime soap operas. In addition, Ryan has enjoyed any genre of fiction, including plays, audio plays, poetry, music, short stories, novellas, and novels. As a gay teenager and young adult, he often read his grandmother’s and mother’s romance novels. He wanted to know why none supposedly geared towards gay men ever ended with the kind of happily ever after he imagined. So he decided that he would put his writing talent to good use and wrote three YA gay romances in high school and has been writing them ever since.

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June 15th, 2021

Caine Devilin has worked hard to get off the streets and get off drugs.  When he meets Alex Randall at a friend's barbecue, sparks fly, and they have a passionate one-night stand. When their mutual friend is found murdered, Caine becomes the prime suspect. Alex could supply him with an Alibi, but he's reluctant; to do so would reveal his terrifying secret. As their feelings for each other grow, they get closer and closer to a cold-blooded killer.

Praise for Caine's Alibi:

"A fantastic edge of your seat thriller. The romance is as hot and conflicted as the mystery that surrounds the characters." D. Camily.

"A great blend of story, MM romance with just enough of an erotic tone to please." Bruce T. Lang

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Now available

Full of the grief of loss, uncommon grace, and hope for a new beginning, Told in a lyrical form, "Grow Old Along With Me" is the story of Papa and Daddy. Two men who find their illicit love affair brought into the light of day by the final wish of a dying man.

 (3 Stars) "I absolutely loved this story of two men, who are brought together by a dying man's wish. This was Sweet and refreshing!" Maxine69


(5 stars)  a beautiful testimony to love, yes, indeed.

I was held fast by the romantic tension within the first few paragraphs.

Without any spoilers, I want to say this is a highly emotional situation, a love triangle that seemed to exclude the usual ugliness.

The story evoked the tenderness of The Bridges of Madison County. This was a short story and I'm reaching out to the Author to give us the full story on these three men. It would be a heart-rending story there, I am sure.

Click on the image for more information.

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October 8th, 2022

Roger Callahan is at the end of his rope. After surviving one of the greatest tragedies of his life, he has lost his hope and faith in humanity and love. Then he meets Angel through a mutual friend. Angel is a young man on a mission. He's been lonely for way too long and yearns to find himself a new daddy to look out for him. In the course of one afternoon, Angel teaches Roger that there is still life to be lived and people who need him.

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September 19, 2022

Twelve Signs. Twelve Guilds. Twelve destinies are about to unfold.
One by one, the new Masters will be called to take their rightful place in history. But the path to greatness is not an easy one, and each will have their own battles to fight along the way. And if they refuse, if they turn their back on destiny, they stand to lose more than just the title of Master.
Because it isn’t only their futures on the line, but their hearts as well.

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Foster Boyfriend


Coming Soon.

Martin is a foster boyfriend, who dates men until they find their forever love.  When he meets Denver on the side of the road, he thinks he may have finally found his forever love, but Denver just got out of a bad emotionally abusive relationship, is he ready for a forever love?  Find out in Foster Boyfriend, the new short gay literary erotica by Ryan T. Osborn.

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When Jordan Foster gets a letter from his sister begging for help, he goes to his ex-boyfriend, FBI agent Garrett Anderson for assistance and they travel to the small town of Thornebrook.  When they get there they find out that she has disappeared. As they investigate, not only do they realize that the old flame is still alive, they discover that the town is held in the grip of an ancient evil.  As Jordan and Garrett come closer and closer to each other again, their investigation becomes a race against time to find Jordan's sister before the shadows of Thornebrook claim her forever.

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Notebook and Pen

Recent Releases for my fellow authors.

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Starting over after fifteen years hadn't crossed my mind, but the reality hit me when the final divorce papers arrived. To process the end of my marriage, I'd escaped to the lake where I owned a home. I was determined to have everything figured out by the time I returned to the city. What happened instead was an ambush by my son, Taylor, and his friends. Dallas, the beautiful ginger man, who came with him, ruined my plans. He’d made me question everything I’d thought I knew about myself.


There were a lot of things on my to-do list. The main one was trying not to burn out while I worked full-time and prepared for my last year of college. What hadn't made it to my list was walking in on one of my friend's fathers naked. Lee Porter intrigued me. When I returned home, a chance encounter brought us back together. Fascination turned to something else, and I was going to make the older man mine.

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Sarina Moore is desperate for money and lots of it. What could go wrong when the kindergarten teacher finds a dream summer job aboard a luxury yacht cruising the Mediterranean? When Sarina boards the Carmella in the Kingdom of San Destino, she realizes the position is for sex and not what she agreed to. She escapes the Carmella before it sets sail. Once off the yacht, Sarina runs straight into the arms of Jason Donato. The mysteriously rich and sinfully handsome stranger offers to help her.  
Jason Donato keeps his true identity from the beautiful redheaded temptation. Born to wealth and privilege. He’s accustomed to getting whatever he desires. Sarina can’t help but surrender her innocence to the sizzling billionaire playboy. In a night of unimaginable ecstasy, Jason gives into his lust for Sarina. Her wild abandon ignites a fire that scorches his soul. But when Sarina is pregnant, to claim his heir, he demands they marry. All he will offer her is a life of wealth and sex the way he likes it, with no strings, no commitments, and no promises of love.
Can Sarina have a happily ever after on those terms?

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May 3rd, 2022

Limited time availability.
Grab these 12 engaging erotic romance stories from NY Times bestselling, USA Today bestselling, and award-winning romance authors.
Ever wonder how the stars played into the chemistry of lovers? Who has the spiciest sign? Who is the most adventurous? Who wants to rule the bedroom? Who wants to treat you like a queen?
Get your hands on this steamiliousness while you can!

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Seeds of Love Small.jpg


April 26th, 2022

You can help us make a difference.

SEEDS OF LOVE is a romance anthology to benefit Ukraine. This collection of short romance stories is not available anywhere else. 100% of the royalties will be donated to United Help Ukraine, a charitable organization dedicated to helping the Ukrainian people affected by Russia’s invasion. They are a grassroots, entirely volunteer-based organization that provides aid to wounded Ukrainian warriors, assistance to their families, and support to internally displaced people.

SEEDS OF LOVE is only available for a limited time! Be the voice of change. Stand with the people of Ukraine and get your copy today!

Participating authors:
Amber Garr, Amy Thorn, Barb Shuler, Brooke Summers, Cassidy London, Cyndi Faria, D.M. Davis, Dakota Willink, Denise Wells, E.H. Lyon, Emery LeeAnn, Erica Himy, Fei Marie Perez, Gabbi Black, Gabbi Grey, Jenna Lynn, JS Mercier, KA Graham, Kaje Harper, Katherine Tomlinson, Kelly Kelsey, Lane Bellemore, LC Taylor, Liz Durano, LJ Evans, Lux Miller, M.L. Broome, Mel Walker, ML Guida, Pandora Snow, Persephone Autumn, Raisa Greywood, Ramsey Savage, Remy Reigns, Shelly Hixson, Sophia Henry, Stella Moore, Syd Ryan, Tiffany Carby, Vi Summers, Vivian Murdoch, Yolanda Olson

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Man at Desk

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

Henry David Thoreau

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