Ryan Osborn was born in Peoria, Illinois. An avid player of tabletop role-playing games, and Backgammon, Ryan enjoyed storytelling in any form or genre, especially gay romantic suspense thrillers and comedies, and daytime soap operas, including but not limited to plays, audio plays, poetry, music, short stories, novellas, and novels. As a gay teenager and young adult he would read his grandmother and Mother's romance novels and wanted to know why there were none for him that ended with a HEA, so he decided that he would put his writing talent to good use and wrote three YA gay romances in high school, and has been writing them ever since.


The Shadows
Of Thornebrook

Release Date: TBA

When photojournalist Jordan gets a letter from his sister desperately asking him for help he goes to his ex-boyfriend FBI agent, Garrett, for assistance and they head for the small mysterious town of Thornebrook. But when Jordan and Garrett get there they find that she has disappeared. As they investigate, not only do they realize that the old flame is still alive, and threatening their search, they discover that the town is held in the grip of an ancient evil. Jordan and Garrett must fight their growing attraction as their investigation becomes a race against time to find Jordan's sister before the shadows of Thornebrook claim her forever.

(This Novel is being written as part of NaNoWriMo, 2020.)


Caine's Alibi


Caine Devilin, has just gotten his life back in order after escaping the gangs and after getting off drugs. He's thinking life is finally good, when he meets Alex Randall at his friend Johnny's barbecue, and instant sparks fly, he thinks he has it made. The two men decided to have a one night fling. When Johnny gets murdered, Caine becomes the prime suspect. Caine realizes the only one who can give him an alibi is Alex, the man who he was with when Johnny was killed. But Alex has a terrifying secret, one he hasn't told Caine and is terrified to reveal. Alex can't give Caine his alibi, because to do so would put  his life in jeopardy. Alex and Caine must try to keep their growing attraction in check as they hunt down a cold blooded killer.


The Bear Family Series


Daddy Doms Mason Dale and Caleb Olivera are about as different as they come, and so are their family. A mix of Erotica, Romance, Comedy and plenty of angst to go around.  So come spend time in Remington City, or out on the Dale's Farm.


Grow Old Along With Me

Now available

Full of the grief of loss, uncommon grace, and hope for a new beginning, Told in a lyrical form, "Grow Old Along With Me" is the story of Papa and Daddy. Two men who find their illicit love affair brought into the light of day by the final wish of a dying man.

 (3 Stars) "I absolutely loved this story of two men, who are brought together by a dying man's wish. This was Sweet and refreshing!" Maxine69


(5 stars)  a beautiful testimony to love, yes, indeed.

I was held fast by the romantic tension within the first few paragraphs.

Without any spoilers, I want to say this is a highly emotional situation, a love triangle that seemed to exclude the usual ugliness.

The story evoked the tenderness of The Bridges of Madison County. This was a short story and I'm reaching out to the Author to give us the full story on these three men. It would be a heart-rending story there, I am sure.


Can't get enough?


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Woman Writing
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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

Henry David Thoreau


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