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About David Camily

Who Is David Camily?

David Camily is the pen name of LGBT Romantic Suspense author Ryan T. Osborn.  He is a native of Central Illinois, who has been interested in writing ever since a very young age.  Even though he enjoys romantic suspense the most, he also enjoys romantic comedies and contemporary stories as well.

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Bear Family:
A Night At The Rainbow Rose

December 19th, 2021

Wanna know how Bear Family really began? Bear Family: A Night at the Rainbow Rose is free only to Newsletter Subscribers.  Are you on the list?  Sign up today.

Daddy Mason Dale's two cubs, Noah Easton and Ian Richards are setting out to hook him up with their friend Luke McKnight's Daddy Bear Caleb Olivera, with Luke's pup, Drake Roxas along for the ride. The four meet up at the Rainbow Rose Nightclub, one of Remington City's hottest LGBT clubs. Over the course of the night though, old wounds will be reopened, and new battle lines will be drawn. Come along for a night at the Rainbow Rose and meet three pesky cubs and a pup who are about to get their fingers burned.

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Book One:
Mason's Story

February 1st, 2022

Mason Dale, is a hard working farmer, who has had a rough time, since the death of his husband.  With the death of his father, Ethan Dale, Mason has come home to take over the family farm, with his cubs Noah Easton and Ian Richards in tow.  Noah and Ian think two years is long enough for Mason to be without a primary and they start scheming with their friend Luke to hook Mason up with Luke’s Daddy Caleb Olivera, a multi-million dollar, business tycoon, and there is an instant powerful attraction. As Mason and Caleb start dancing around their mutual attraction, a rash mistake and a near tragedy lead each of them to learn the true meaning of love and friendship.

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Mason's Story Soundtrack

Playlist of music listened to while writing "Mason's Story" the first book in David Camily's Bear Family Series.

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Book Two:
Noah's Story

November 28th, 2022

Noah Easton has been one of Mason Dale's cubs for several years and has come to think of Dale farm as his own Neverland, a place he never had to grow up.  Even with his traumatic past, he loves Mason and fellow cub Ian Richards, and with their support, he has finally begun the long road to recovery.  He may have even found a primary in the form of Brandon Carsey, Mason's young and angry farmhand.
Brandon came from a good home and planned his life around taking over the Carsey family farm, until a bizarre twist of fate took the family farm, killing his hopes and dreams.  But in Noah's arms, Brandon has found a new world with new hopes and dreams to explore.
When Mason unknowingly hires, Noah's abusive father, Mark.  Mark cruelly chases Noah and Brandon from Dale Farm causing them to seek refuge with Caleb Olivera.  To get Noah back, Mason will have to clash with his primary again as they try to help Noah come to terms with his past and face the monster that broke him.

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Noah's Story Soundtrack

Playlist listened to while writing Noah's Story, Bear Family book two.

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Coming Soon . . . 

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Noah's Neverland
A Bear Family Short Story

Ever wonder how Noah Easton became part of Mason Dale's bear family?  Find out in Noah's Neverland, a Bear Family Short story only available in Hot and Sticky, Passionate Ink Erotic Writers Association's 2023 Anthology.

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Taking Notes

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written largely in his works”

Virginia Woolf

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By signing up for David Camily/Ryan T. Osborn's "The Lightning Rod" you will get a free e-copy of Bear Family: A Night At the Rainbow Rose.

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